Sterling Silver Gemstone Rings Designs Wholesale

sterling silver gemstone rings designs wholesale

Sterling silver gemstone rings designs wholesale in the China. The rapid economic growth of China has brought with it a burgeoning gemstone industry, as Chinese consumers acquire luxury goods such as fine jewelry. Along with familiar precious gems such as rubies, onyx, sapphire and emeralds, Chinese companies produce and export jadeite, garnet, quartz, nephrite and tourmaline, which are lesser known but still marketable in the West.

Importing gemstones from China requires negotiations with an increasingly crowded field of suppliers, along with the usual export import rules, regulations and costs. Attend a trade show to learn about the range and costs of Chinese gemstones. The prices vary with demand in the U.S. for particular styles and colors and with the available supply from Chinese and other sources. The Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase free and open to the public has become one of the biggest international gem shows, taking place over two weeks at the start of the year.

Measuring Loose Gemstones Design

sterling silver gemstone rings designs wholesale

Measure across the width of the stone with calipers or a gauge. Place the stone in the calipers and gently slide the gauge until the stone is secure. Read the measurement in millimeters and write down the results. Measure the length of the stone in the same fashion and note your results. For example, a heart shaped stone would be measured from the tip of the heart to the top for the length.

As for horizontally across the upper part of the stone, where the heart shape is widest. Verify your measurements and stone shape with those of the ring setting, which are usually given in millimeters. For example, a rectangular setting for an emerald cut stone could be 10x8mm, while a large heart stone might have the same millimeter measurement but a different shape.

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