Sterling Silver Ring Blanks Jewelry Making

sterling silver ring blanks jewelry making

Tools to make your own jewelry ring blanks. Some of the tools that you’re going to need are a pair of calibers and a set of ring sizers. You’re going to need both of these to tell which size you’re going to need as far as the ring goes and then you’ll be needing to measure the diameter to see how long of a blank you’re going to want to cut for your piece of metal.

You’re then going to need a ring mandrill so that you can form your metal around the mandrill for the size it needs to be as well as a hammer to hammer it down and get it formed around the ring mandrill. You’ll need a ring clamp to do any filing or holding of the ring that you’ll need to do. You’ll need a torch as well as a striker for any annealing which is softening of the metal or soldering that you’ll need to do. You’ll also need a soldering block, some solder and flux to be able to achieve that soldering which is connecting your ring blank.

Silver Bezel Jewelry Tools

sterling silver ring blanks jewelry making

Silver bezel is something that’s used to hold in a stone when you are wanting to set it. Some of the things you’ll need when you’re setting that stone are a ring clamp to hold the piece of jewelry that has the stone that you want to set it in. It keeps it stable so while you’re pushing the silver bezel over your piece, you can do it with the best ability. Then you can choose between one of these three tools or use a combination of them. This is a rocker used to push the bezel around the stone to hold it in.

This is a burnisher which you can use it to pull the metal around your stone and then this is a pusher which will push the silver bezel around your stone. And then this is a Cratex wheel for when you’ve finished setting you can use it to shine up the metal around your stone and take out any marks that may have gone in to the metal.

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