Sterling Silver Ring Settings For Gemstones

sterling silver ring settings for gemstones

In pave style of jewelry, gems are held in place with tiny metal prongs or beads that are nearly hidden by the close set stones. Traditional pave settings can use a variety of stone sizes and patterns. In a version of pave called micro pave, jewelers use even smaller, uniformly machine cut stones, which require microscopes to accurately set them.

Diamond pave is a popular option for decorating wedding bands or to accent a larger stone in engagement rings, although different gemstones can be used. Topaz, sapphire, aquamarine and amethyst are a few semiprecious stones used in pave settings, and brown or cognac diamonds are often pave set. Even rhinestones can be arranged in a pave style. Both traditional and micro pave are used in earrings, pendants, brooches and even watch faces, adding extra sparkle to a single piece of jewelry.

Pave Setting Silver Ring

sterling silver ring settings for gemstones

Pave setting silver ring is a term that is used as to how stones are set. It is actually a French word meaning to pave and it does not necessarily relate to blacktop but it does mean covering a surface. So in the jewelry industry when we pave something we literally drill holes close enough depending upon the size of the diamond so we can pave a particular piece of metal with stones and we hold that down with tiny little prongs.

In this case we fill up a piece of metal be it flat or be it round and in this case this ring goes all the way around and has pave on this particular piece. That pave here is set in platinum or silver and both of these rings are set in platinum. Platinum is soft to work but it also holds well because it peens itself down over time and actually tightens the stone up. So pave is a very very common element of setting stones and when the stones are the same size equal and of good quality it turns out to be a very very nice project.

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