Sterling Silver Ring Settings For Loose Stones

Sterling Silver Ring Settings For Loose Stones

Measure the size of each loose gemstone you intend to set. Determine the gemstones width, length and depth in millimeters using a ruler. Note that basket settings are categorized according to their size in millimeters. Identify the cuts of the loose gemstones you plan to set.

Remember that gemstone cuts include, but are not limited to, emerald, princess, round, pear, cushion and rose. Know the cut of the gemstones so you can choose basket settings in the right shape as well as the proper size. Choose an individual basket setting for each gemstone you wish to set.

Setting Gemstone

Sterling Silver Ring Settings For Loose Stones

Select basket settings that correspond to the size and cut of each gemstone. Find basket settings at online jewelry supply vendors, or have a professional jeweler order them for you. Purchase basket settings in precious metal, such as platinum, gold or sterling silver, to ensure your gemstones are set in a durable, quality metal that won’t change color.

Position the loose gemstones in their basket settings with their fronts facing upward toward the ceiling. Bend the tiny metal prongs of the basket settings down over the gemstones using prong pliers. Make sure the prongs are pressed snugly against the gemstones to hold them in place.

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