Sterling Silver Ring Settings Wholesale

Sterling Silver Ring Settings Wholesale

There are few feelings worse than looking down at your hand and seeing a set of empty prongs where your beautiful, sparkling diamond should be sitting. If this has ever happened to you, then you are well aware of the hopeless feeling that settles in even as you turn over sofa cushions, tear sheets off of beds and crawl with a magnifying glass over every inch of carpet and floor.

Even worse, many insurance policies do not cover accidental loss or flawed settings, so you may not be able to recoup your financial loss or your sentimental one. The best way to avoid this is to check the setting on your diamond ring regularly and care for it in a way that prevents undue wear and tear.

Check The Setting On A Diamond Ring

Sterling Silver Ring Settings Wholesale

Tap the top of the ring with a fingernail. As you do so, watch the diamond closely. If it shifts at all in the setting, you need to remove it from your finger and take it to a jeweler immediately. You should tap the entire surface area on the top of the diamond to see if it wiggles from any angle. Stacked rings make it hard to hear if a setting is allowing the stone to rattlle.

Place the diamond ring alone on one hand. This will enable you to examine it without the distracting noises of other rings clicking against the diamond ring or each other. Wave your fingers as if you were waving hello or goodbye. As you wave, listen carefully for a ticking or rattling sound. If you hear this type of noise, it is quite possibly your diamond moving around in the setting. Examine the prongs with a magnifying glass. Over time, prongs can become worn or bent and hold the diamond less securely.

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