Sterling Silver Ring Settings Without Stones

Sterling Silver Ring Settings Without Stones

Gemstones come in an array of shapes, sizes, colors and cuts. Natural treasures from the earth, gemstones lend their vibrant hues and sparkle to all types of jewelry. Typically, gemstones are set before they are incorporated into piece of jewelry.

The most common type of setting for a gemstone is a basket setting, which holds the gemstone in place with tiny metal prongs. Basket settings keep gemstones secure without detracting from their beauty. While professional jewelers can set loose gemstones for you, you can set them yourself with relative ease.

Remove Gemstones Ring

Sterling Silver Ring Settings Without Stones

This brief introduction will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to place and remove gems from ring settings. Removing a gemstone is generally not recommended, unless you are a professional or have a lot of experience.

If the prongs are weakened by constant bending, you could break them off completely. To remove the gem, using the bent chain nose pliers, gently grip and bend back the prongs from the top of the gem. Begin with the prong tips, then gently bend back the shaft of the prong until the gem is loose.

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