Sterling Silver Ring Size 6.5

Sterling Silver Ring Size 6.5

Semi precious stones sterling silver ring size 6.5 are readily available and affordable, and can range in price and quality from semi precious rubies or emeralds, to fresh water pearls, to polished and cut minerals like quartzite and chalcedony. The easiest way to make your own jewelry using semi-precious stones is to buy pre drilled beads.

These can be strung, wired or attached to chain to make any sort of jewelry you like. Choose your semi precious beads. These are available pre drilled in many sizes and varieties, and are in craft stores, some specialty jewelry or bead stores and many sites online.

Make Jewelry With Semi Precious Stones

Sterling Silver Ring Size 6.5

Pay attention to drill hole size, as you will want to make sure it is slightly larger than your stringing silk. If the holes are too big, they will not hang cleanly on the string, and if too small, you won’t be able to double the string in them. Choose a length of silk string to match or contrast your beads.

Standard carded cord comes in a package with its own needle, in 6.5-foot lengths, plenty for this project. The #1 silk is thinnest, with #10 being very thick. If you like, use nylon or another strong cording. Unwrap and unravel the bead cord, and wet it through with warm water. Pull it straight with light tension by pinching it between your fingers, which straightens the cord and stretches it slightly.

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