Sterling Silver Rings Tarnish

Sterling Silver Rings Tarnish

The sterling silver jewelry you wear often is hard enough to keep untarnished. But go to your jewelry box to find just the right piece to wear with your new dress, and you’re likely to find that all of the pieces there are badly in need of cleaning. Tarnish not only affects the way sterling jewelry looks, it can corrode the pieces over time. Read up on why sterling silver tarnishes.

Tarnish is nothing more than corrosion at the silver pieces experience oxidation. It is akin to rust, although it happens more slowly and it is caused by sulfur and other chemicals in the air. It creates dark grey, or if not cleaned frequently, black substance that permeates the metal. Stay away from areas that get a lot of sun or where it is excessively humid and do not store your sterling jewelry on a wooden counter because it might contain chemicals that will hasten tarnish.

Clean A Tarnished Silver Ring

Sterling Silver Rings Tarnish

Silver jewelry is a beautiful accessory. If it starts to tarnish, however, the look will be ruined. A professional cleaning substance can restore the look of the jewelry, but it can be expensive. Instead, try an easy remedy made from items you probably already have in your home.

Cover a bowl or plate with aluminum foil, silver side up. Add hot water, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of salt to the bowl and mix it until the powder dissolves. Place the tarnished silver ring in liquid for at least 10 minutes. Rinse the ring and dry it to reveal the shine.

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