Sterling Silver Wedding Ring Sets Walmart

Sterling Silver Wedding Ring Sets Walmart

Wal-Mart is a multinational corporation with stores in all U.S. states and in 14 other countries. The company started with one small store in Arkansas and has since ballooned into the biggest earning corporation in the world. It has the most employees of any non government company in the world. It has made its reputation and built its customer base on the basis of low prices.

Potential threats to a loose ring include activities such as exercising and washing the dishes. Temperature changes and weight loss can also cause your finger width to decrease, leading to a difference in how your ring fits. The ring guard slides around the back band area of your ring to tighten the space between your finger and your ring. You can make a sterling silver ring guard out of household items that you can find in your sewing kit or you can create one using bendable plastic tubing.

Make A Class Ring Fit

Sterling Silver Wedding Ring Sets Walmart

Over time, your finger may get smaller. If the ring won’t fit snugly, it may slip off and get lost. You can always have a jeweler make your ring smaller, but before doing that, try a do it yourself technique to make your ring fit properly. Cut a piece of flesh colored tape to create a quarter inch square. You can find flesh colored tape in your local department store. Flesh colored bandages also work.

If you choose the later, cut a section that does not include the padding. Wrap the tape around the bottom of the ring, opposite the ring stone. When you hold the ring vertically, the stone will appear on top, and the tape on the bottom. Place the ring on your finger. If it’s too tight, remove the tape and try again with a smaller piece of tape. If the ring still fits loosely, proceed to the next step. Cut another quarter inch sized section of tape. Wrap it around the previous tape and place the ring on your finger. Continue adding small sections of tape until the ring fits perfectly.

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