Value 925 Silver Ring

Value 925 Silver Ring

Sterling silver jewelry has two values assigned to it, the retail value of the piece and the value of the raw materials. You might find yourself with a broken chain or a ring you no longer wear. If this is the case, consider selling it as scrap metal. You can easily establish the value of your sterling silver on your own, without having to rely on the trustworthiness of a buyer. Silver ring 925 is the original silver ring.

Check the current value of silver in your local newspaper’s financial section. You can also go on the Internet and search for “Silver Value” to find the most up to date value of the commodity. Multiply the current price per ounce of silver by .925 to establish the value of an ounce of sterling, or .925 silver. The value of silver is for 99.9 percent pure silver. Sterling, also referred to as 925 silver, is an alloy made up of 92.5 percent silver with other metals added to make it stronger. Weigh your silver jewelry on a jeweler’s scale. Multiply the value of an ounce of sterling as calculated in step one by the weight of your jewelry to get the value of your raw silver.

Silver Rings Men With Precious Stones Genuine

Value 925 Silver Ring

Silver ring gold plated ring size 8 US (for 1 finger width 18mm) with a simple model of exclusive and decorated 1:46 carat Colombian emerald sufficient quality (no results check authenticity). The beauty of precious stones colombia emerald colored green neon adds beautiful silver ring with zircon stone ornament quality choice. Colombian emerald is quite beautiful and soothing eye view.

Men’s ring with a simple model of a solid, dotted with the main stone Natural Citrine crystal Orange Yellowish color and luster shine like flame shape, measuring 9US or for 1 finger width 19mm to 19.5mm. Silver ring ring 8 US with an elegant vintage models made of silver chrome white and yellow gold, precious stones Natural Spinel 1:17 carat existing quality and authenticity check results. Ideal for Men with size 1 finger width 18mm to 18.5mm.

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